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* Welcome to an astrology service that recognises your true individuality. Each of us is born special, with a specific purpose. For that reason, each Analysis and Forecast prepared by Tanya Obreza is personally interpreted - aspect by aspect, transit by transit. Her readings are not just computerised print outs, like many on offer. They're tailored to you, and you alone.

Tanya offers an in-depth look at your own individual character and life. Think of a birth chart as a jigsaw puzzle which consists of approximately 70-80 different pieces. Each piece has it's own significant influence, but the whole picture can't be revealed until the jigsaw is completely assembled. Tanya's 30 years of insight and astrological experience helps reveal the inner you - your path to success and your strengths and weaknesses.

Current publication credits include Marie Claire Australia as well as many other magazines worldwide. Discover yourself through professional astrology, and plan your future with greater confidence.

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