Tanya Obreza


Syndication Agent: Auspac Media - The Feature People

Tanya writes regularly for:

marie claire magazine, Australia
Sunday News, New Zealand
Prestige, Singapore
Ashai Weekly, Japan
Sunday Tribune, South Africa
Ahlan!, Dubai

West Australian Newspapers
The Daily Advertiser, Wagga
Twin Cities Post, Albury
The Independent News, Victoria
Sunday Examiner, Launceston
Star Magazine, Malaysia

Previous Credits include:

TV - Network Ten Monday to Friday, Australia
TV - TVS Coast to Coast People, UK
TV - TV-am Good Morning Britain, UK
marie claire magazine, Hong Kong
marie claire magazine, South Africa
Company Magazine, UK
Mode Brides, UK
Family Circle, UK
Baby Magazine, UK
Mother Magazine, UK
Slimmer Magazine, UK
Sunday Life, South Africa
Your Destiny magazine, Australia
Women's Forum, Australia
Mode Brides, Australia
Woman Spirit, Australia
Horoscope Magazine, Australia
Babies, Australia
Family Circle, Australia
the mag, Australia
The West Magazine, Western Australia
The Daily Telegraph, NSW

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